CAA-Quebec Dollars Platinum Plus MasterCard (MBNA)

Earn CAA-Quebec Dollars on eligible purchases

CAA-Quebec Dollars Platinum Plus MasterCard (MBNA)

Overview of credit card features

  • Annual Fee
  • Annual interest rate
  • Cash Advances
  • General Cash Back Percentage
  • Gas Cash Back Reward
  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Vehicle Rental Insurance
  • Concierge Services
  • Price Protection Insurance
  • Extended Warranty (1 Year)

This card is good for:

  • Earn CAA Dollars faster
    • Earn 1% in CAA-Quebec Dollars on your eligible purchases
    • Earn an additional 1% in CAA-Quebec Dollars on eligible purchases, including gas at participating Couche-Tard locations
    • Earn an additional 20% CAA-Quebec Dollars on every eligible purchase‡ when compared to the CAA-Quebec Dollars Platinum Plus®MasterCard® credit card with the CAA-Quebec Dollars World MasterCard® credit card
    • 1.99% promotional annual interest rate† (AIR) on balance transfersâœȘ for the first 10 full months
    • Offer available only for CAA-Quebec members register now
    • No annual fee
    As a valued CAA-Quebec member you could earn CAA-Quebec Dollars much faster with the CAA-Quebec Dollars World® MasterCard® credit card. Apply now.

Editor`s Review

This no annual fee card will allow the cardholder to earn CAA-Quebec Dollars that could be used to purchase CAA-Quebec products and services at reduced prices: travel, insurance, items from The Boutique and more. As well, you can exchange your CAA-Quebec Dollars for CAA-Quebec Approved Auto Repair Services gift cards, or for Couche-Tard or Familiprix prepaid cards.

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